April 5th, 2013

нехороший тур

itsnogood_medУ Кирилла Медведева вышла книга переводов на английский язык в независимом американском издательстве Uglyducklingpresse, о ней писало несколько ресурсов (см. ниже, а также по ссылке на сайт изд-ва 10 рецензий (!)), а теперь запланирован и целый It's no good tour (см.города и даты еще ниже).

“Literature Will Be Scrutinised”: The Individual Project and the New Emotionalism
Justin Erik Halldór Smith. On Kirill Medvedev
Garth Risk Hallberg (The Millions). Occupy Parnassus! Kirill Medvedev’s “It’s No Good”
Dwight Garner (The New York Times). A Litany of Betrayals, Petty Yet Terrifying (‘It’s No Good’ by Kirill Medvedev

Weds., April 17, 4 PM, Wesleyan, Location TBD.
Thurs., April 18, 4 PM, Harvard, Literature and Culture Seminar, CGIS S-354, 1730
Cambridge St. With Bela Shayevich.
Fri., April 19, 7 PM, Penn, Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 401.
Sat., April 20, 7 PM, BookCourt, Brooklyn. Reading, concert, launch party.
Mon., April 22, 8 PM, Poetry Project, New York. With Eugene Ostashevsky and others.
Tues., April 23, 4 PM, Yale, Location TBD.
Weds., April 24, 12 PM, Columbia, Harriman Institute, Location TBD.
Weds., 24, 7 PM, Brooklyn Public Library. With Ugly Duckling authors.
Thurs., April 25, 4:30 PM. Colgate. Location TBD.